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Philip Offermanns


Thirty spokes surround one nave, 
the usefulness of the wheel is always in that empty innermost.

You molded clay to make a bowl, 
the usefulness of the bowl is always in that empty innermost.

You cut out doors and windows to make a house, their usefulness to a house is always in their empty space.

Therefore profit comes from external form, but usefulness from the empty innermost.  (Lao Tzu)



20 years ago, in 2002 the graduate Designer Philip Offermanns discovered his fascination for the

"esthetic of emptiness".
The result was an artistic work called

“the imprint of nothing”.


Two years later he found by chance this philosophy by Lao Tzu, which has underlined his approach. Surely this can be interpreted in this or in another way. 


However the Idea, not to create

the external form but the space, the void,

the emptiness, influenced significant

his design process until today.

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